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How to contribute

Get familiar with wiki markup

Usually, JesusWiki provides forms to be filled by content creators or editors. Filling the form fields is pretty easy and does not require special skills or knowledge. But in order to make your posts more rich, stylish and usable, it is highly recommended to get familiar with wiki markup. It is easy.

Create personal root page (My Page)

Press button you personal root page.

Create topics

In order to keep things organized, we are kindly asking you to suggest new topics by sending a message to the group of experienced users. Currently only members of the Bible editors group are allowed to create new topics by request or on their own. There is a special form for that purpose available in the sidebar menu and on personal root pages of "bible editors". All topics will be created in Public namespace and may be completed with subtopics by all users.

Add subtopics

Subtopics are collections of verses related to a certain topic. A subtopic usually describes one of the topic's aspects.

Save query results as a subtopic

The usual way to create subtopics is as follows:

  • Click on the Advanced query.
  • Select bible versions and input desired references.
  • Press Enter.
  • On the page with query results click Save as a new subtopic icon

You will be moved to the form to fill in some fields:

  • Select a topic
  • Apply a Subtopic title
  • Add your remark
  • Add external links

Please, find necessary guidelines right in the form.

Add new subtopic to the current topic (personal)

When you are on the subtopic page, there is a link Add a new subtopic below Personal studies block header.

  • Click it

You will be moved to the form to fill in some fields:

  • Apply a Subtopic title
  • Passages' references
  • Add your remark
  • Add external links

Please, find necessary guidelines right in the form.

The page will be created as a subpage to the current topic, that is why the Select a topic field editing is restricted. The page will be created in your personal namespace.

Add new subtopic to the current topic (public)

The process is similar to the creation of subtopics in personal namespaces. The link Add subtopic will appear on the topic page for those who belong to the bible editors group and have the right to make edits in public namespace.

Very wide subtopics

NB Normally, the number of verses included in subtopic should not exceed 20-30 verses. Please, avoid creating very general subtopics with more than 100 verses included, it will lead to page breakage (see the screenshot). Consider creating smaller subtopics and use topic page to unite all relevant subtopics. It will give you more precision and will make page loading time shorter.

Add verses to subtopics

If you have found another verse(s) that can be added to the certain subtopic, just open the correspondent subtopic page, press Edit with form tab and add reference to the new verses to the input in the section "List passages to be included". Save your changes as usually.

Add tags

Tags give users freedom to additionally categorize the subtopics content. There is the "Tags" block on the subtopic page to start tagging. Just click Add tags link and you will get a form to fill. Start typing and then select from a dropdown or continue with your own tag. Each tag will act as a filter, so try to use existing tags as much as possible, as the unique tag filter will return just one page. Multiple input is allowed and different tags for one field are separated by slash automatically.

To keep things organized, we are kindly asking you to add tags to the appropriate tag group. They are six (5W+1H):

  • Who // Anything pointing to: Persons. Characters.
  • Where // Anything pointing to: Places. Countries.
  • When // Anything pointing to: Dates. Periods.
  • What // Anything pointing to: Things. Concepts. Events.
  • Why // Anything pointing to: Reasons. Causes.
  • How // Anything pointing to: Modes. Ways. Characteristics.

Save your changes.