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Reference style

There are several places where you need to input the reference to a certain Bible passage, for example, when you run Advanced query or press Refer button. In practice, the reference styles differ significantly. In order to make the site more lightweight, we had to keep to one reference style. To get the best results, users shall understand it and use everywhere within the site.

To refer to a verse we'll use the common BCV approach:

  • B — Name of a book, abbreviated as per Book index (three symbols everywhere)
  • C — Chapter number within the book
  • V — Verse number within the chapter

Referring a single passage

Use formula:

  • B C:V The abbreviated book name goes first, separated by space from the chapter number. The verse number follows the chapter number, separated by colon. Without a verse number the whole chapter will be referred.

For example:

  • Gen 2:12
  • Rom 5:11
  • 1Ki 3

Referring a continuous range of passages

Use formula:

  • B C:Vstart-Vend As the above, but you can specify the start and the end verse number for desired range.

For example:

  • Gen 2:12-15
  • Rom 5:11-21

Referring a series of single or continuous passages

Use the formulas as above, separating array elements by semicolon.

For example:

  • Gen 2:12; Gen 2:14-18; Rom 5:11; 1Ki 3:4-8

Incorrect referring

Bad reference styles will include:

Gen 1-3
Gen 2:4,5,6,7,4:15

Correct referring

Correct reference style for the same occasions will be:

-- Not applicable
Gen 1; Gen 2; Gen 3
Gen 2:4-7; Gen 4:15

Inline verse citation

You can use a piece of code and the BCV data to create an inline citation of a verse or a continuous passage of verses.

Code: {{cite|Gen|5|20}}

Result: Genesis 5:20

Code: {{cite|Gen|5|20|24}}

Result: Genesis 5:20-24

Hover over the result link to see a fancy popup with your citation. Link itself will query the citation and the link with the verse number in the popup body will lead you to the verse page.